* Medical Scheme Policy Development and Implementation

Medlink assists organisations to develop and implement group medical scheme policies that facilitate maintenance of a healthy workforce so as to achieve high levels of productivity required to meet organisational goals. Medlink develops Medical Scheme policies in a participatory fashion and ensures that every scheme policy is specifically tailored to each client’s requirements.

* Access to Medical Services

Medlink links its clients to Health Care Providers  across the country and out of the country when they travel. The Company works as a liaison between its clients and several health care providers. Medlink helps its Clients to effectively and continuously monitor and evaluate the general health status of
the workforce.

* Work Place Wellness Programmes

Medlink helps organisations to develop Work place Wellness Programmes. The company facilitates increased awareness on health related issues by providing access to health information and conducting
health checks.

* Travel Medical Insurance

In order to further facilitate convenient medical services for scheme members and
the general public, Medlink facilitates provision of
Travel Medical Insurance. This is done in collaboration with Medlink’s Insurance Associate – International Medical Group (IMG). This service
has been put in place to further enhance Medlink’s clients’ health care benefits and to allay anxiety concerning access to health facilities when people from various walks of life have to travel abroad.

* Medical Scheme Reports

Medlink prepares for its clients monthly medical scheme reports that include level of monthly medical scheme fund utilisation; balances on the medical scheme funds; individual and family expenses
per month including balances for members with specific annual entitlements. In general medical scheme reports are prepared based on the specific requirement by individual client organisations.


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