1. What is the difference between Medlink and an insurance company?
Medlink does not charge premiums, but instead charges an administration fee for every member of staff.

2. How are the medical scheme administration fees and fund calculated?
Administration fees are calculated based on the number of employees in the organisation. The fund is calculated based on the number of employees and beneficiaries on the scheme.

3. What value addition does Medlink provide?
Medlink liaises with health care providers to ensure you are receiving quality health care at an affordable rate. Medlink also provides you with monthly reports that help you track your expenditures.

4. Who finances the scheme, employee or employer?
With a tailormade scheme, it is up to each organisation to decide whether employees, employer or both contribute towards the financing of the scheme.

5. What happens if the hospital I want to go to is not on the list of associate healthcare providers? If a hospital you went to go to is not on our extensive list of health care providers, Medlink is able to approach the hospital and enter into an agreement with them.

6. How soon are we able to use the scheme once we sign up?
As long as all the paperwork is complete, you are able to start using the scheme. There is no waiting period!

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