Medlink believes that a healthy and motivated workforce is a prerequisite in maintaining high productivity levels among employees.

The aim of our Wellness Programs is to promote good health amongst employees; this being done through mechanisms and activities that are aimed at preventing disease as opposed to curing disease. The Employee Wellness Program is therefore an important additional facility to your Employee Medical Scheme.

Before implementing any Wellness Programs, Medlink undertakes a full health check on participants to determine their fitness levels to better tailor nutritional and physical advice and activities.

The program also includes medical check-ups and support to members with chronic illnesses. We arrange wellness days which provides information numerous health conditions including; cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc. During the Covid 19, we have facilitated members to access tests and counseling.

Our partners help us bring you fully realized wellness programs that target physical and mental wellness. Depending on your needs, any form of wellness activity can be arranged.

  • ¬†Health assessment & Monitoring

Medlink Wellness covers health assessments and monitoring that include medical
examinations and check-ups, screening for diseases and various tests that may be
needed by members on the scheme.

  • Health Promotion & Awareness

Medlink Wellness aims at promoting healthy lifestyles as well as awareness regarding
various ailments. This is targeted at members on the scheme and includes Wellness Day
Activities held at client organisations, nutritional information, access to gyms and fitness
programmes to mention a few.

  • ¬†Management of chronic conditions

As chronic conditions claim more lives, Medlink Wellness aims at providing the
necessary care needed by members who have chronic conditions. Medlink provides the
best treatment that is convenient and suited to the needs of each member.

  • Counselling/Mental Health

Medlink Wellness prioritses your mental health and facilitates counselling or talks with
professionals. Counselling services include, but are not limited to, Substance Abuse
Counselling, Marriage Counselling and Anxiety and Depression Counselling.