Medlink Services Limited is a Company that was incorporated in 2007. The company was established with a view to making a contribution to healthy workforces for its clients and thereby foster increased social and economic development. Since its formation, Medlink has provided services to a number of organizations both in the public and private sector.
Medlink is structured in line with its mission of helping its clients to enhance organizational productivity, image, profitability and sustainability. To achieve its corporate objectives, Medlink’s employees and resource persons are highly qualified and have diverse professional backgrounds. This enables the Company to attend to its clients’ health in a more holistic way as opposed to a narrow focus.

Vision Statement
Our vision indicates the long-term view of our desires or intents of the state of affairs in the environment we operate in. This vision states what we wish to see happening in the future as a result of our contribution to the collective intervention with other players. Below is our vision statement which was
formulated in a very participatory manner: “Healthier, Happier and Productive Societies”

Our Mission statement indicates the overall purpose of Medlink in line with the values and expectations of our stakeholders, and for which we currently exist. Our mission is as follows:
“We exist to promote the physical, mental and social health of persons through provision of sustainable wellness interventions, access to quality health care, and measures to lessen the burden associated with bereavement”.
1. Transparency – in all operations and transactions with stakeholders to enhance strong linkages within and with Medlink,
2. Accountability – to all stakeholders so that confidence levels are continuously strengthened and cemented in order to foster continued flow of medical scheme resources to and from Medlink,
3. Empathy – In our interaction with our clients, we are at all times aware of, and sensitive to their feelings and experiences relating to their health conditions,
4. Trust – In our service delivery, we put emphasis and prioritize maintaining the confidence and trust that every client places in us,
5. Ethical conduct – In our engagement with clients and society at large, we strive to uphold key moral principles that include confidentiality, honesty, fairness, equity, dignity, diversity and individual rights,

6. Availability – At all times, we guarantee our clients of our availability to serve, our responsiveness to their expectations and we take pride in satisfying them.

7. Sustainability- in service delivery, ensure consistent beneficial change in access to the services that leads to corresponding long-lasting outcomes and impacts on employee health and wellness