We work with hospitals
that provide the best services
in Zambia and internationally.

Medlink believes that a physically,
mentally and socially healthy
workforce is prerequisite in
maintaining high productivity levels.
Medlink offers wellness, medical
schemes and funeral plans.

“We exist to promote the physical, mental and social health of persons through provision of sustainable wellness interventions, access to quality health care, and measures to lessen the burden associated with bereavement”….. Read More


“Healthier, Happier and Productive Societies”….

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Transparency, Accountability, Empathy, Ethical conduct, Availability, Sustainability… Read More

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Access to international healthcare

Medlink is working with various specialised hospitals in India and South Africa.  The purpose of these agreements is to ensure that members who are unable to be treated in Zambia due to unavailability of either medical experts, diagnostic equipment or advanced forms of treatment can be attended to in India and South Africa which are


Medlink believes that a healthy and motivated workforce is a prerequisite in maintaining high productivity levels among employees. Our Wellness Programs aim at promotion of good health amongst employees; this being done through mechanisms and activities that are aimed at preventing disease as opposed to curing disease. The Employee Wellness Program is therefore an important

Access to Healthcare services

Medlink offers each organisation a cost effective and tailor made medical scheme that offers the following benefits: A cost effective, tailor made policy. Employees will have access to a wide network of over 200 healthcare providers in the country. Employees will have access to referrals to India and South Africa at discount rates. Your account






Our Service rate

Why Choose us

Our Experience

We have a long and proven track record of over 12 years experience in the business. We have worked with all kinds of companies in different industries and can guarantee that we are well equipped to take care of you and your health care needs in a timely and professional manner. We pride ourselves in our long-lasting business relationships, both with our clients and our associate Health care Providers.

Our commitment to Quality.

We seek to work with clients that share our values. Serving a company’s health care needs for their employees is a HUGE responsibility that we undertake with the utmost seriousness. It takes team work, a solid commitment to good and quality health care, excellence and best practices to serve in an exceptional manner.

Our devotion to Customer Care

With us, as our customer, you will always be king or queen. Our aim is to ensure that your needs are catered for. Our dedicated Client Relations department is available 24/7 and your satisfaction is their utmost priority as they aim to serve you effectively and efficiently with a warm smile.

Dedication to saving your costs

We are well aware that receiving good medical care can be costly, that’s why it is one of our main goals to help you achieve financial saving through our cost-effective medical schemes. Our focus is to provide you with medical solutions that help you get value for your money.

Strategic Plan

Medlink’s current  strategic plan is intended to direct the operations of Medlink during the period 2020 to 2024. Development of the plan involved a participatory process that brought together Medlink Directors, management, staff members and other stakeholders to discuss the contents of the plan. Progress in implementing the planned activities will be reviewed by the Board, management and staff, with involvement of a selection of stakeholders at regular intervals.
Vision Statement
“Healthier, Happier and Productive Societies”
Mission Statement
“We exist to promote the physical, mental and social health of persons through provision of sustainable wellness interventions, access to quality health care, and measures to lessen the burden associated with bereavement”. Shared core Values

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